Smart Parking
Maintenance Solution

Do you own parking properties?
You can now provide services which link auto payment to mobile.
Do you own parking properties?
We will send you customers when your parking space is empty.
With OWiN PaRK Solution, you can provide quick and convenient parking services with low costs! It will bring more customers to your parking spaces.
Earn more revenue with
OWiN’s Parking Solution
  • More Convenient!

    Because it is connected to automatic mobile payment, customers can get out of parking lot promptly without worrying about cumbersome payment process's. With prompt and convenient parking services, you can obtain more customers.
  • More Customers!

    Advertise and share your empty parking spaces with our mobile application! Customers will come to the empty parking spaces.
  • facility at low costs

    All the expensive installation costs for camera, plate recognition system, and bill payment kiosks! Don’t worry about them! With parking gate circuit breaker, and OWiN Solution, building parking gate facility at low costs is possible!
Private Parking
For P2P Sharing
“Your parking space is
also your asset!”
Do you have a personal parking space? Are you worrying
about illegal parking?

Manage your personal parking space with OWiN Solution!
It will help you to outroot the illegal parking and earn money
by sharing your space when you are not using it.
Get Parker Now
Simply share the parking hours with OWiN, Parker will be provided for free without any maintenance costs.
If you share parking hours, OWiN will maintain the solution at no costs.
Provide a differentiated service with OWiN Parking Solution! / Tel. 070. 4282. 7845
If interested in applying OWiN Parking Solution to your space, please send an inquiry and we will get back to you.
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